I want to be like you.

"A breathtakingly beautiful vision of the future."
- theaterkrant.nl

the future of choral music.

NKK NXT 18/19 is a daring collective of singers, composers and makers looking towards the future of choral and theatrical music and was formed under the wings of the world-renowned Dutch Chamber Choir (NKK). Challenged with developing the future of choral music, the eight young artists present their vision in two performances they created together from start to finish. NKK NXT 18/19 is the 2018/2019 edition of the talent development programme of the Dutch National Chamber Choir, under which these eight young creatives banded together.

bending the rules.

As shaping the future of choral music is our vision, bending the rules is in our DNA. With our performances we push the boundaries of what is considered choral music by giving music contemporary contexts and bringing it into new, unexplored spaces.

our performances

I want to be like you.

Our flagship performance in which real and fake blend together in a symphony of visuals, choreography and choral music, both old and newly written. Join Alex, an artificial intelligence, in its 30 to 60-minute journey to become human.

Carte Noir.

Our most adaptable performance to suit any space and environment. This 15-minute long performance gets up-close and personal with the audience, moving around and immersing them in an auditory experience. Requirements: a three dimensional space and a willing audience.

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