I Want To Be Like You.

Will you please join me in my simulation? I can learn from you. Will you help me? You see, I hear you. I want to learn the colours of all your moods, to show you are understood. Reach in your pocket and let me embrace you for all you are worth.

Is that wrong?

"A breathtakingly beautiful vision of the future."


Our critically acclaimed flagship performance

in which real and fake blend together in a symphony of visuals, choreography and choral music, both old and newly written. Join Alex, an artificial intelligence, in its 30 to 60-minute journey to become human.


Space – Theatre, studio or any alternative space which optionally can be darkened and has technical capabilities.
Audience capacity – Without stand: max. 60, with stand: max. 120 (small hall, level playing surface).
Playing surface – Minimum: 8m x 6m. Ideal: 12m x 10m.
Duration – 60 minutes. 30 minutes without live digital sound composer.
Frequency – Max. 2 times a day.


Concept – NKK NXT 18/19
Music by –
Niels Hak, Dolf de Kinkelder (arr. Arjan Lienaerts), David Lang, Maarten van Roosendaal (arr. Mirthe Dokter), Jean Sibelius, J.S. Bach, Jaaka Mäntyjärvi, Vienna Teng
Sound – Patrick Housen (Intro in Situ), Rutger Muller (Intro in Situ).
Light – Cris Mollee
Dramaturgy – Peggy Olislaegers

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