Carte Noir.

An adventure more so than a performance, Carte Noir takes the audience on an audiovisual journey inviting listeners to move around the space and interact with the performers.

"A true ear-opening experience of surround sound"

a unique experience, every time.

Carte Noir is not only our most adaptable performance, each performance is inherently different from the previous one. A vast part of the performance is based on improvisation and relies on the interactivity with the audience. In Carte Noir, the audience is an participating element within the performance. In just 15 minutes the audience/performer segregation fades away and the spectators find themselves not to be a spectator, but an unaware performer.  Carte Noir invites the audience to explore, discover and experience choral music from a whole new perspective.


Space – Any space that can be darkened with a level playing surface.
Audience capacity – max 20 per performance.
Playing surface – Minimum: 8m x 6m.
Duration – 15 minutes.
Frequency – Max. 6 times a day.


Concept – NKK NXT 18/19
Music by –
Niels Hak, W.A. Mozart.

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